Management and Marketing Services

"Professional services that will impact your profit structure."

Management Consulting Services  •  Marketing  •  Event Management Services

Successful management requires accurate and detailed reports to project future growth. Our professional services will assist you in these specific areas.

Management Consulting Services

  • Analyze Your needs and provide Scope of Work
  • Coordinate Activities of Designated Project
  • Establish and maintain a system for Corporate Archives
  • Coordinate all data, prepare written reports, and perform Job on Time
  • Develop List of Available Resources for all phases of a project
  • Ensure goals / objectives are accomplished within prescribed time frame
  • Statistical reports of contractor contracts.

Your profitability is a direct result of your professional sales force and your marketing strategies. Our strong marketing / sales experience will enhance that profit picture.


  • Identify & Locate Markets
  • Contact Prospects
  • Introduce New Products
  • Conduct Direct Mail Programs
  • Create Audience Profile

Event Management Services

  • Develop Budget
  • Manage Operation of Event
  • Prepare Financial Reports
  • Manage Sale of Publications
  • Reconcile Daily Cash Receipts
  • Coordinate Event Activities